According to the order of Supreme Court in 2006,registering marriage is mandatory for all kinds of marriages, even if it is a traditional marriage. We also arrange marriage registration in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The Supreme Court passed such law to protect the right of women. Performed under two types of laws, a marriage registration is an official statement that states a marriage between two people.

One can register his/her marriage either under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It is the biggest evidence of a marriage. One can apply to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for marriage registration. At present, there is no online mode of application. A couple has to present important documents along with their duly signed application form. It requires address proof, Date of Birth Proof, passport sized photos, Aadhar Card, and Marriage invitation card. They must self-attest all the documents.

It requires witnesses. People attended the marriage ceremony can be a witness. They must possess residential proof and a PAN card. The maximum time in a Hindu Marriage Act is 15 days, while it is 60 days in a Special Marriage Act. In a case of urgent requirement, one can apply for a tatkal marriage certificate. It gets issued within 24 hours.

A Marriage Certificate is the proof of registration of a marriage. The need for a Marriage Certificate arises in case you need to prove that you are legally married to someone, for purposes like obtaining a passport, changing your maiden name, etc.